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        Black Rock Desert RV Rental
             Mile Marker 69 Hwy 447
                  Empire, Nevada 
                    Population 6
Black Rock Dessert RV Rental is burner owned and located in Gerlack/Empire, Nevada.  For the last three years we have been providing Class A RVs for attendees of Burning Man. We are a local business providing RV rentals to the playa and not your average motor home renter.   Check our inventory for available units.

We are located 4 miles south of Gerlach, Nevada and 13 miles from the entrance to the playa. After Burning Man you drop of your unit and go. You are not required to fill the fuel , propane or water tanks. There is no need to dump your waste tanks or spend hours cleaning your unit or finding a location to dump your recycled trash. Simply drop the RV off get into your clean car and head home. We have tried to make it as easy as possible for Burners to enjoy a RV without all the negatives associated with renting a coach. There are no hidden fees.  We don't charge a security deposit, cleaning deposit or a hourly generator fee. 

We specialize in providing Classic GMC 23' and 26' Class A motor homes for Burning Man.  All our coaches are white and we encourage you to view it as a blank canvass.  You are welcome to decorate it as you wish. Try returning your rented RV to the other companies out there after you glued pink fur and bunny ears to it. All of our are units are clean, function properly and are fully equipped.  

In chapter 6 of "Burning Man's" 
One of the areas of mitigating damage to the playa is making every one aware of the pollution dripping of the bottoms of vehicles. In order for us to help protect the desert from oils and fluids every rental includes a drip cover to act as a barrier against damage to the playa.  In our Operational Plan filed with the BLM we commit to leaving no trace.

You pick up your unit at our ranch. We are located on Hwy 447 at Mile Marker 69 just north of the Empire Store.

Our rentals for "Burning Man" start Sunday August 24, 2014  thru Tuesday September 2, 2014.  If you have an early entrance pass and are looking for an RV prior to these dates or if you are planning on staying later to break down your camp please call or email to discuss. You are welcome to come out to the ranch the weeks before to decorate your RV or work on your art car or art installation.

Thanks for your interest and we hope to see you on the playa. 
Stay Dusty.

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